2019 Labor Day Parade
  • Monday, September 2, 2019 at 7 AM – 11 AM
    Let's join together and march with thousands of Union brothers and sisters in the name of solidarity! The theme of this years parade is "Labor and Community Moving Forward Together".
    Staging for parade participants begins at 7am Step off time for Michigan Avenue participants is 9:30am 
     ​Michigan Avenue has 9 lanes: 4 eastbound, 4 westbound, and a turning lane.  Marchers will line up in the 4 eastbound lanes and the turning lane.  The far westbound lane must be  reserved for emergency (EMS) vehicles, while the  remaining 3 westbound lanes will be for vehicles. ​
    Each union will be advised by a marshal when to step into the march route at Michigan & Trumbull and march east on Michigan to Washington Blvd. 
    Parade participants will march south on Washington marching pass Cobo Hall, pass UAW Ford Program Center/151 West Jefferson, to the  Labor Legacy Monument ​
    All vehicles will turn right off of Washington onto Fort Street disbursing as needed
    Faith-Based & Community Groups --
    Vehicles line up on Wabash & 14th Streets ​