Jam Handy

2900 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, Michigan 48202


Pay suggested donation of $10

Please bring a dish if you are able

Doors & Build Bazaar at 5 p.m.

Proposals at 6 p.m.

Dinner around 7 p.m.

Winners announced before 8 p.m. 

Come out to this community dinner to break bread with neighbors and support great projects happening in Detroit



Meet the Citywide SOUP Pitchers 

Marc Peeples will pitch his intiative Liberated Farms. This project is built around teaching the youth of Detroit the principles of gardening and foraging. They will learn how to grow fruits and veggies from seed and also how to identify edible herbs growing in urban environments. By the end of the program the children will be capable of building their own garden from ground up (top left).

Andrea Benson will pitch her initiative Adirondack at the Main. Adirondack chairs on the front and/or back lawn of the Detroit Public Main Library will help create an inviting space for reading, relaxing, and re-energizing with friends and/or family.This project matters because it will contribute to the offerings of the public library in a unique way by enhancing the underutilized green space that adorns the public library, and offering another unique space in the city for people to connect with fellow citizens

Anetta Joyce and Crystal Ramirez-Garcia will pitch their initiative Girls Making Change. Through a series of leadership and skill building sessions, shadowing of women of color elected officials, and a community action project, the Change Fellows will develop a better understanding of community and justice issues, as well as ways to civically engage to work for change. There currently are only 16 women of color out of 148 Representatives and Senators serving in the Michigan Legislature and the numbers are even starker at the Congressional level. We would like to encourage our young women of color to continue breaking barriers and be involved in their communities. 


Racheal Allen will pitch her initiative Motherhood Mentors, which plan to match teenaged mothers (13-18) with successful women who were also teenaged mothers. She plans to connect young adults with women who have also overcome similar obstacles as a way to motivate them through current challenges 

It is a potluck dinner... 

Detroit SOUP relies on the generosity of our community to help feed the amazing crowd that comes to support our neighborhoods. 


Please remember this is a community potluck, so please bring a dish to pass if you can. Dishes can be dinner, sides, or desserts. Doing so gets you 30 seconds to speak to the audience if you'd like. 

Upcoming SOUP


Global SOUP

We're excited to announce the second Global SOUP will be held on September 15th! Location and time TBA. If your project, initiative, or business benefits the

Detroit international and immigrant communities, submit an application to forms.gle/zaJtSE5XnXkxuzvr6 

Grandmont Rosedale SOUP

The Grandmont Rosedale SOUP is just about a month away. The event will be held at the Northwest Detroit Farmers Market on September 26th. Those interested in pitching should submit applications to detroitsoup.com/submit-grandmont-rosedale/

SOUP at Spaulding

October has it's first confirmed SOUP! SOUP at Spaulding with be hosting an event on October 13th. To submit an early application visitdetroitsoup.com/submit-to-soup-at-spaulding-court/









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