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At the 3rd Precinct Police/Community Relations Council Meeting on November 15, 2022, an issue came up about Residential Parking Problems.

In many areas, residents without adequate parking for their own Residences/Apartment buildings, use street parking near other Apartments or Residences, often park in other residents' alleys, or park blocking driveways.

We asked about the ability to get resident-only parking stickers in some neighborhoods.

Here is the response from Detroit City Council Member Gabriela Santiago-Romero ‐ District 6's representative:

  • Link to ordinance with complete details can be found on the City's website here, from 2019 > > >


Note: On 03/06/19, An ORDINANCE to amend Chapter 55 of the 1984 Detroit City Code, Traffic and Vehicles was approved:
Article II, Enforcement Division, Residential Parking Permits, by repealing sections 55-2-21 to 55-2-26; by adding Subdivision A, Designation criteria, petition process, by adding sections 55-2-21 to 55-2-25 and so on.

The updated section of the Ordinance begins on Page  7, Line 10:
Subdivision A. Designation criteria; petition process.
Sec. 55-2-21. 
Purpose. It is the purpose of this Division to establish a residential parking permit program.....

  • District 6 has also prepared a one-page FAQ:


From:  THOMAS “TJ” ROGERS (he/him/his)


Detroit City Council Member Gabriela Santiago-Romero ‐ District 6


Questions should be addressed to your Department of Neighborhoods District 
Manager or your Councilperson:

District 5 - 

Joshua Roberson, District 5 Manager

City of Detroit - Mayor's Office

Department of Neighborhoods

Phone: 313.236.3528

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Councilperson's Contact Information > > >

Community District Office - Butzel Family Center
7737 Kercheval Ave
Detroit, MI 48214 

  • Mon & Wed 11:00 am - 5:00 pm