Male Mentors are needed for fall programming in the following schools:  Cass Tech, Harper Woods High, Pontiac High, and Community High in Warren....

Why more men are needed :

·         There is a shortage of male mentors, students are looking for male role models.

·         Many young people are coming from homes where there is an absence of a positive male role model for any number of reasons. Male mentors help to bridge this gap.

·         Male mentors are needed to share their work experiences, knowledge and skills if we want to build a competent and skilled work force.

·         Male mentors can help boys to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world of work.

·         Think of the types of important talks you have had with other men. Now, imagine a young boy not having that opportunity. You can provide that for them.
How often are we provided a unique opportunity to “Pass It On” or to share the qualities that make each of us so special? 
Please consider this remarkable opportunity of pass it on!!!
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