Detroit Police Department (DPD), Sgt. Hall


Hall provided latest crime stats for Corktown neighborhood.  There were three incidents of robbery, 


each occurred during different times and days – two in the morning and one in the evening.  A 


firearm was brandished in only one case.  Also, only one was officially reported.  The other two 


came to light following that report.  One of the suspects is a young black male, about 35 years old, 


approximately 5’10” to 6’.  One of the victims was taking in groceries.  B & E autos have dropped 


significantly.  Unfortunately, individuals are leaving registered firearms in their vehicles that are 


stolen.  He also stated there have been major arrests of perpetrators of B&Es and larcenies.   DTE 


bait cars helped in that apprehension.  Sgt. Hall encouraged everyone to check out to learn of area crimes.  He also stressed the importance of locking car doors 


and not leaving any items in vehicles.  Too often drivers leave valuables visible in their cars. The 


mobile dispatch has been expanded beyond just weekends.  Also, more patrols have been added 


since the assaults, including under cover.  One of the challenges of keeping perpetrators off the 


street is the court system awarding them no jail time.


Michigan Ave. Status, Georgina McDonald, MDOT


The current traffic study at Michigan and Sixth, First and 20th are required by the federal 


government, to determine if the traffic control should remain as is, be upgraded or removed.  If 


usage counts don’t justify the lights [controls], government won’t continue to pay for upkeep; and if 


the city deems it still necessary, then the city would have to pay.  Current counts indicate minimal to 


no pedestrians cross at Michigan & Sixth.  McDonald stated the timing is ‘regulated’ based on 


technology that senses a vehicle and then changes the light.  The audience stressed that this 


technology does not work; and the timing is so long that it is prohibitive for drivers to use that 


corner – and instead detour down Bagley and cross Michigan at a different corner.  However, that 


light is currently on the list to be removed.  A stop sign would be placed on Sixth, but no sign / light 


on Michigan Ave.  The numbers are actually based on manual counting of pedestrians during peak 


hours.  It was suggested that a button be added to change the light to allow pedestrian crossing.  


The audience also encouraged residents to use the corner so they cannot be included in the counts 


to justify keeping the light.  McDonald discussed the Department of Transportation’s budget directly 


impacted that of MDOT.  The cost to upgrade the equipment will be at least $100,000, and even if 


there were no need for upgrades there is still cost associated with maintenance that has to be 


justified. The current equipment does not meet new standards.  Someone suggested contacting 


Patel of Traffic Engineering to have traffic light maintained.  Michigan Ave is a state road, so Patel 


has no justification, since he is city.  FYI – Michigan roads are designated M, I and US.  The lack of 


handicap accessibility at the SE corner of Michigan & Sixth was mentioned.  MDOT will look into 


this.  Georgina McDonald provided her contact information – 313-967-5431 / 1060 W. Fort St / 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Carrie Warren, MDOT


Ms. Warren discussed the stated-funded resurfacing of the turn lanes at Michigan & Trumbull that 


occurred a few months ago.  There is also a plan to remove the pavers and repair the base of the 


street in June/July for a cost of $1 Mil.  Also looking at how to repair Michigan from Cass to Sixth 


and salvage and repurpose bricks when utility repairs are made.  MDOT hopes to extend 


streetscapes, but the priority is Michigan & Trumbull.  There were some concerns mentioned – curb 


and sidewalks not addressed on Michigan between 16th & 18th, and there were no trees planted on 


those streets.   If there is money available, MDT will handle.  The cut-through at Church just south of 


Michigan & Trumbull negatively impacts the residents, and is no longer needed.


Wayne County Update, Jewel Ware, Wayne County Commissioner


The county has until January to provide plans for the ‘unfinished’ jail, so she will have no updates 


until that time [after January 16, 2016].  There is an upcoming Building Authority Meeting.  The 


county has $100 M to aid with their debt.  $80 M was approved in June to accept into the county 


fund.   $1M of the $24 M surplus will be given to process the outstanding rape kits.


Ms. Ware mentioned that their offices are now in the beautiful Guardian Building, and they do 


provide tours.


Department of Neighborhoods, Rico Razo District 6 Manager


Razo stated they had just completed a cleanup assisting a 90 year old resident.  He also stated that 


Angel’s Nights were successful, and the city wants to focus more on fun for the kids.  Razo provided 


an update on the Door Bell Camera initiative.  Residents need a smart phone, wireless wifi and e-


mail to participate.  30 residents have signed up, but there is room for more.


There have been more than 3,000 nuisance abatement cases citywide.  The city is now looking into 


including commercial property as part of that initiative.  A resident stated that the Cesar Chavez 


Academy is abandoned and open and unsafe.  Razo will look into it.  He provided his contact 


information – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 313-236-3529.


Corktown Business Association, Ron Cooley


Cooley outlined the three priorities of the new 501©3:  (1) Reinvigorate Roosevelt Park; (2) 


Downsize Michigan Ave; and (3) support a Michigan Ave. Rapid transit to Airport, Ann Arbor, etc.


Megan Masson-Minock, LISC


LISC provided a brief summary of an initiative to build sustainable communities that includes 


Corktown, North Corktown, Hubbard Farms and Southwest Detroit.  These neighborhoods all have 


the same goals: safety, education, economy.  LISC is looking for projects to aid them in connecting 


these communities.  They have $25,000 in funding to get groups that boarder each other to work 


together and physically connect and include open spaces.


Jamal Harrison, PLA


Harrison provided an update on the lighting project.  PLA is 1 ½ years ahead of schedule, and is 


already lighting collector streets; and by the end of the year, will include Grand River and all of 


Michigan Ave.  Service drives will be last.  The new lights have a 20 year life span and 30 years of 


maintenance free operation.  There is currently a five day turnaround to repair.  There is a night 


crew surveying outages.  Because the new lights are more ‘focused’, residents are encouraged to 


leave on their porch lights, which cost less than $1/month.  If there seem to be intermittent 


outages, the system is shut down to re-energize.  Additionally, lights that appear to be on a timer or 


on all day are in the process of being optimized.  It is a power test and includes a two-day all day 


burn.  There is a delay with underground commercial and residential circuits, and for DTE 


conversions.  Previous steel poles will be replaced permanently with wood.  There has been input 


into pole design with some communities, which requires additional money from residents.  Because 


of the request for additional lights for Halloween nights, some areas were lit prematurely, and lights 


were then ‘turned off’ waiting actual funding for upgrades.  Downtown is the last area to be lit.  


Michigan & Livernois is shut down for two weeks.  Alley lights are no longer handled by the city.  If 


an existing alley light goes out, contact DLPA if your garage or home is accessed via the alley.  


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Community Advisory Councils (CACs) require signatures of 10% of registered voters in the district to 


be created, and then residents can obtain petition signatures to run and be elected to serve on CAC.  


A petition is available.


The District 6 Evening City Council Meeting will be [tomorrow] at 7:00 p.m. at Frederick Douglass 


Academy for Young Men.  All are encouraged to attend.


DPD hosts a Stuff A Cop Car event, collecting new unwrapped toys for families – December 3rd, 8:00 


a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Woodward in front of the DIA.


There is a proposed joint Corktown + North Corktown Meeting in January to discuss development 


plans for the area.


Corktown Angel’s Nights’ volunteers were thanked for their participation; and McShane’s was 


thanked for being the base and providing food for volunteers.


More volunteers are needed to be a part of the community patrol – t-shirts, lights, signs, etc. 


Free help is available to assist with clean-ups, board-ups, other labor – from the Community Court 


Respectfully submitted,


Debra T. Walker