Corktown Community Meeting

August 17, 2015


Meeting Notes



MDOT was not able to attend this meeting. However, they stated that no decision will be made regarding the current Traffic Signal Study at Michigan Ave. & Sixth St. until there is community engagement. They plan to be at the October Corkown Business Association Meeting.

The newly elected President of the Police Commissioners is District 6’s Lisa Carter.

Information is available about upcoming District 6 Back-to School events with distribution of free backpacks.


DPD – Captain Tosqui

Current crime stats were provided. There was an increase in robberies; and a small increase in damage to property. DPD is looking for a black male, 17-20, 5’8”-5’10”, about 175 lbs, short hair; and a black male about 5’10”, 200 lbs, short dread locks. Both were on bikes. Most robberies have been in North Corktown near the casino and Nancy Whiskey, between 8p-1a. These are unarmed.

Larcenies have decreased greatly. There have been no problems on the West Riverfront.

There will be more police and traffic stops, including more pedestrian stops.

Capt. Continues to encourage residents to keep on porch lights, use surveillance and report all crime.

The Chief is working to change the boundaries to include all of Corktown in the precinct. Currently Roosevelt Park is in another precinct.

The next big event that might have spillover to Corktown is Dally in the Alley.

Capt. Tosqui will be in training for three months. Capt. Szilagyi will be his temporary replacement.

There was concern about street racing and loud noise at Roosevelt Park. It was stated that it was not drag racing and that they did have a permit for racing around a small track. The ‘burning rubber’ noise started at 8a.m. Councilmember Castaneda-Lopez said she would look into whether they actually received permits for the race. The permit process begins with someone petitioning the City Clerk’s office and eventually to Council for vote. There is a noise ordinance, and DPD can be contacted if you think it is being violated.

It was questioned if the mobile unit is still operating, since someone reported a stolen car 12:30 a.m. Saturday and was told to go to the Precinct. Tosqui said he would follow-up.

There was also a question about using private property for parking. It is illegal to park on grass; and you need a permit to establish a parking lot.

Tosqui stated the next Police Commissioner’s Community Meeting is September 10th at the Boy Scouts on W. Warren & Rosa Parks.

Capt. Tosqui provided his contact info – cell, 313-648-9470 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Greening of Detroit / Murphy Lot – Lauren Thomas [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 313-629-9718]

Ms. Thomas talked about the history of the Murphy Play Lot on Brooklyn & Porter. Greg Mudge of Mudgie’s currently pays for maintenance, etc. Greening of Detroit has awarded a grant to the park. There was recently a successful Drum Circle. There will be a Paint Party, August 27th to paint the basketball court. A children’s Art Fair will be held September 19th. There are limitations since it is the ‘official’ playground for MHT School. Someone asked about the possibility of acquiring playground equipment from closed DPS buildings, and for younger children – two and younger.


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CDAD – Aaron Goodman

The establishment of Community Advisory Councils was mandated by the city Charter. However, community districts must opt in and need a percentage of registered voters to sign a petition to create the CAC. District 6 needs 1200 signatures collected within 180 days. Residents wanting to be a part of the CAC must also complete petitions to be on the ballot in 2016. These CACs are to support the Mayor and City Council as a stronger resident voice. They will meet Council at least four times per year and with the Mayor at least once per year, and may also want to interact with the Department of Neighborhoods. Different powers / authority than previous CDCs. Only District 7 has collected enough signatures to create a CAC.


Time Bank -- Jeannie Weakley

The Time Bank is an equitable time skills exchange. Non-taxable, unlike bartering. Ages 8-78 currently enrolled; and is the largest Time Bank in Michigan with more than 1,000 members. Founded five years ago. Multicultural members -- immigrants and natives together, and diverse offerings – cooking classes, masseuses, transportation, clearing, group projects. There is no guarantee of services. Bridging Communities is the host for services. All should join.


City Council Member – Raquel Castaneda-Lopez

Council recently voted water rate increase. RC-L voted NO for rate increase. She stated there is a need for an affordability program, and a new committee is being established to address this option.

The Riverside land swap deal was approved. RC-L and President Jones were the only NO voters. It is now important that residents participate in the Community Meetings to provide input into the design process. The next meeting is August 24th at Latino Family Services – Fort & W. Grand Blvd. The last meeting will be September 8th at the same location, both at 6:30 p.m. There are also still unanswered questions about the environmental impact. Construction is set to start next year.

Upcoming issues –

New parking kiiosk in SW Business, Midtown, Corktown. Council has suggested a community wide meeting. Additionally, Planning & Development is looking into a comprehensive parking plan that includes bicycles.

There is a Food Truck ordinance proposed to include fresh fruits and vegetables; as well as address concerns of small businesses.

Pet Coke ordinance to be presented at October Public Health & Safety Committee.

Public Art funding is being addressed.

Municipal IDs work with or without other picture IDs. Most useful for homeless, seniors, youth and international residents. It cannot be used to register to vote. If already registered can be used as ID at polls.

Someone asked if DIBC had property in Canada to support second span. RC-L stated DIBC has bought sufficient property in Sandwich neighborhood in Canada. It is also blighted property.

RC-L stated the District 6 District office is at 1927 Rosa Parks and is open M-F; 9a-5p. Summer students went door-knocking throughout the district and provided information about district services.

The next District 6 Community Meeting will focus on Weatherization in October.







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Municipal Parking – Norm White

The new Kiosk Zone parking was presented. The benefits include the ability to pay once and move and park your car elsewhere throughout the same zone. Drivers can also pay via their mobile phone using the Park Detroit App. Parking is based on License Plate / hour / zone. You can also pay at any Kiosk. The App will also give you a ten minute alert. There is also a ‘how-to’ video on the app. You can also pay via the phone without an app, if using a flip phone. Any issues, there is a phone number on Kiosk to call for assistance. Kiosks accept cash and charge cards. Drivers can also dispute tickets via the App. Parking is still limited based on posted time – there are one hour and two hour zones. Municipal Parking enforces this with cameras on each of their cars to check license plates. Kiosk signs show boundaries for zone, to delineate any free parking. It is more efficient and should result in fewer tickets. If you encounter a broken Kiosk, you can pay at another kiosk or via App. There is currently 98%+ ‘up’ time. Anomalies based on incorrectly input license plates have been accounted for in the programming. There are mechanisms in place to address tampering / vandalism. Kiosk are generally replacing existing meters. Corktown will include Michigan Ave. However, the meters on Sixth St. near Greyhound Bus terminal will probably just be removed.


Wayne County Commissioner – Jewel Ware

The budget is still in deliberation. So, there is no update. County Exec asked Governor for state takeover – a Consent Agreement. Ware voted NO for this action. She stated that the deficit has been decreasing and should be able to be handled without impacting retirees and pensions.

The unfinished jail currently costs $1 Mil/month. A plan should be developed by January, 2016 to be sent to the Governor and Treasurer. Plan needs to be approved by State and County should be working on that plan now. County Exec states there is no time to work on this Jail issue right now. Probability is that the Council will use jails in Monroe and Gilbert will purchase unfinished jail.


State Senator – Coleman A. Young, Jr.

The roads are the fourth worst in the nation, with sixth in nation causing car damage. The gas tax has been 15 cents for the past three raise. If money is diverted from income tax, what happens to the 23% that goes to schools? When the General Fund is higher than the cost of living, income and gas tax are to be rolled back. Voting on any roads bill has been delayed because of current scandal between two legislators. Young believes trucks should have lower weights and bare some of the financial responsibility. However, the truck lobby is strong and Republicans will not agree to increase their fines / responsibility.

D Insurance removes the ‘unlimited’ coverage for catastrophic injuries. This is one reason the city’s insurance rates are higher than other areas, because so many in Detroit do not have other health insurance to cover injuries. However, Young’s concern is that there is no guarantee that the rates will be lower, because the plan does not mandate it. New Jersey has a $250K cap. The insurance commission has no power to mandate lower rates. Better regulatory systems are needed. There are warranties on the road repairs, but are not enforced.


Respectfully submitted,



Debra Walker