Hello all,
TomorrowMay 21st, the Riverside Park deal will be considered in two committees (it is called dual referral), so I am asking if some residents would please consider providing testimony in either one.  Both meet in the Council Chambers in the Coleman Young Municipal Building. 
Please let me know if you can attend and if you need transportation.  If you want to provide written testimony, I can see if someone can read it for you. 
Planning and Economic Development committee meets at 10 a.m.
 Council Member Gabe Leland, Chairperson
Council Member Scott Benson, Vice Chairperson
Council Member Mary Sheffield, Member
Council President Brenda Jones, Ex-Officio
Neighborhood & Community Services committee meets at 1p.m.
Members: Council Member Mary Sheffield, Chairperson
Council Member James Tate, vice Chairperson
Council Member Andre Spivey, Member
Council President Brenda Jones, Ex-Officio
Broken Promises that still need to be addressed: I am working on a list of times our community has tried to work with the Bridge Company and they broke those promises to our detriment. 
Quality of Life impact: However, even more important is trying to educate the members on the negative impact of supporting a deal with a goal of bringing in more trucks and a bridge project that the Bridge Company refuses to conduct an environmental impact.  Please know that many of the Council members are unfamiliar with the history or the issue of Riverside Park.  Many of them have only been spoken to by the Bridge Company lobbyists and representatives.  Although, we may not have money to hire our own lobbyist, we do have this opportunity to engage our local elected officials.
Best, Rashida
Rashida Tlaib 
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