After a long period of radio silence, Friends of Spaulding Court is hosting an art opening thisThursday, October 23rd at 1905 Spaulding Court, a half-renovated unit at our lovely in-progress building!

See below for details.  Hope to see you there!

Friends of Spaulding Court


'Light Headed': neon art by George Vidas @ 1905 Spaulding Court

Opening Reception:
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
6 - 10 PM

Gallery Hours:
Saturday & Sunday, October 25th & 26th2 - 6 PM
Monday & Tuesday, October 27th & 28th4 - 7 PM

1905 Spaulding Court, Detroit, MI 48216

About the event:
George Vidas makes neon signs for fun, profit, and self-expression. This solo exhibition of over 20 neon wall sculptures plays with language and graphic symbols in an advertising context.

About the artist:
George Vidas is from Astoria, Oregon, but has never seen The Goonies. A self-education in the library led him to pursue art first at the University of Oregon, and then later at Alfred University. A practical education in neon and found material led him to open a neon sign shop, Signifier Signs, in 2011.

About the venue:
Spaulding Court is a two-building, twenty-unit townhouse in North Corktown under slow, cooperative development by residents and neighbors. Run by the organization Friends of Spaulding Court since 2010, the 100-year-old building has hosted such events in the past as Oktoberfest, a US Social Forum campground, and Soup at Spaulding. This will be the first formal art opening at Spaulding Court. Proceeds from the gallery commission will support FOSC's development efforts.