Corktown Community Safety Meeting

February 10, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Debra Walker started the meeting –

 The volunteers who hand delivered the latest “Corktown Crier” Newsletter throughout the community

were, recognized and thanked for their hard work and diligence persevering through cold and snow. The next 

hand-delivered newsletter will be published and distributed in late April / early May. There are no 

resources for this initiative. Those interested in helping distribute and / or print the Crier, were asked to 

indicate so on sign-in sheet, or contact Debra Walker.

 The volunteer patrol participants were also thanked for their continued efforts.

 Ric Preuss and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers were also recognized and shown 

appreciation for their continued support of Corktown and these community meetings.

 Wayne County Commissioner, Ms. Jewel Ware, was identified as being present and while not on the agenda, 

was available for any questions.

State Representative, Rashida Tlaib –

 Ms. Tlaib provided an update to the Scrap Metal Bill. Of great concern to those who have had catalytic 

converters and air conditioning units stolen. The proposed three-day waiting period, where a seller

of scrap metal would have to wait three days before getting paid -- passed in the House, but was rejected 

in the Senate. This has been successful elsewhere, as criminals want to remain invisible; and this would 

definitely be a deterrent to scrap metal crimes. Also, the proposal to require a scrap dealer to have a posted 

and valid license, similar to those required by pawn shops was eliminated in hopes of support for the three 

day wait proposal. The Police want nothing to do with the Bill if it does not include the three day wait. There 

have been less than 17 actual scrap metal theft convictions, because of lack of evidence.

 There will be a hearing to discuss the PetCoke issue on the riverfront. Many neighbors have taken pictures

of the ash cloud, and will be present. There is some discussion by the companies that they are not storing

Petcoke, but some other non-dangerous by-products.

 Ms. Tlaib will provide an update on the Community Court at the next meeting. It does appear to be 

funded. And this is a successful initiative in other cities, with low-end crimes prosecuted, shootings

decreased by as much as 36%.

District 6 City Councilperson, Raquel Castaneda-Lopez –

 Ms. Castaneda-Lopez discussed the recent vote for the Land Transfer between the city and Olympia 

Entertainment. She voted against this proposal, because the original negotiations did not include the

City – only Olympia and the Downtown Development Authority. It was important to include the City

Council as well as a Neighborhood Advisory Commission. She supports the requirements for construction

and concession jobs for city residents. This initiative must still go through zoning processes, etc.

 She reminded the group that the Council still has limited power, because of the Emergency Manage situation.

 She also discussed the current concerns with Marathon Oil not adhering to their commitment to hire

Detroiters or obtain proper permits. 

 The talks about immigrants in the city was clarified to identify the quality of life issues for current 

immigrants as well as Detroit welcoming new immigrants to the area. This will not take jobs from 

current residents, but will bring additional revenues and jobs to the community.

 She briefly mentioned the PetCoke issue and stated the city needs a specific PetCoke Ordinance, which

currently does not exist.

1 or 4 Ms. Castaneda-Lopez also talked about the various community / neighborhood initiatives. There

Is a Community Advisory Council that is mandated by the City Charter with about 15 members. The

Neighborhood Advisory Commission is specifically for the arena project. There will be 12 – 16 members / 

25% selected by the Council, and 75% by the Arena. The make-up of membership will be 25% city residents 

at-large, and 75% from the Arena area. The boundaries of that area have not been defined. This group 

will need to develop their processes, by-laws, etc. 

 She talked about her proposed mobile office(s) and stated she has one truck, possibly two; and is

conducting needs assessments for services, locations, etc., and is also using Comstat data. The trucks will 

rotate throughout the District.

 Castaneda-Lopez also mentioned that she will be working with literacy, college and trade initiatives for

the community, as well as working with the Accounting Aid Society to offer free tax help. They will bring

these services to the neighborhood. Let her know if you have a church or group interested.

Detroit Police Department, Lt. Darin Szilagy –

 Lt. Szilagy gave an update on some of the success the officers have had identifying and apprehending

suspects in the area. He talked about the department’s relationship with all of the security guards / patrols

In the community and how that has helped speed up criminal identification, apprehensions and deterrent.

He also discussed other covert initiatives with DTE and WSU to help keep our neighborhood safe, as well 

as the use of the Mobile Command Post [mini-station] located sporadically in Corktown. The crime 

stats are decreasing.

 Szilagy mentioned that two of their [DPD] busiest days are approaching – St. Patrick’s Day and the Parade.

WSU and the State of Michigan will assist DPD during these days. Ron Cooley, stated to help curtail the

outdoor illegal drinking, the parade will begin two hours earlier; and welcomes the enforcement of the

the illegal alcohol consumption on the streets. Cooley also explained that the bars / restaurants have

created egresses that do not allow for alcohol to be taken off their property. So individuals with alcohol on the 

streets, should be dealt with by law enforcement.

 Lt. stated there were 500 misdemeanor tickets issued in Corktown/Downtown on Tigers’ Opening Day.

 He introduced the various officers who patrol throughout the day and evening, as well as other police 

officials in the audience, including the new Commander.

 The question about the Quicken Loan lots on Sixth Street no longer being used, was answered – Those

employees are now parking in the new Z Lot. These Sixth Street lots will be used for Summer Interns.

Detroit Police Department, Commander Ulysha Hall –

 Ms. Hall introduced herself and her command – Midtown, Downtown, Corktown, Gaming, Special

Events, First Precinct and Central Business Districts. She is looking forward to working with the community

and prides herself on her accessibility. 

 She added a request that the St. Patrick’s Parade organizers have some PR leading up to and the day of 

the event about the law enforcement of alcohol on the streets and that business owners will be doing their 

part to keep alcohol consumption contained in their establishments. 

 Debra Walker stated that the current DPD Corktown Officers have become integral to the community and

are to be commended for their dedication and commitment. And Corktown would appreciate additional patrols.

District 6 Police Commissioner, Lisa Carter –

 Ms. Carter stated that this new Police Commission was mandated by the City Charge as a civilian 

oversight commission to handle civilian complaints, report, review and approve DPD actions.

 She provided information about her background – retired DPD lieutenant. Her last job with the DPD was

in training. She stated that the DPD is more accessible and has come a long way in just the past six months.

Corktown Community Meeting

February 10, 2014 – page 2 or 4 Ms. Carter says she is accessible and provided cell phone and e-mail. See attached.

 There was a concern presented about the lack of a of protocol to address rape victims with special needs.

Ms. Carter stated that there was no representative at the time of the case in question and that a process

needs to be in place to handle such matters.

Department of Neighborhoods, Charlie Beckham –

 Mr. Beckham stated that he is a six-time Detroit mayoral appointee.

 He explained that this new organization is actually the grouping of departments – Building & Safety,

313 Help Line, Administrative Hearings, DPW and Detroit Land Bank.

 The Detroit Land Bank fights blight. The goal of the city is to own all of the vacant blighted properties, 

so they have control of dispensation. 

 They are developing a nuisance abatement strategy, where a neighbor can sue a property owner, and that

owner has 180 days to fix, demolish or rehab property. If this is not done, the city controls outcome.

 He also clarified that there are different groups that handle blight. Bill Pulte’s Blight Authority focuses on

clearing land. Dan Gilbert’s Blight Task Force is made up of Governor appointees working to develop a

sophisticated effective database of properties and owners, that currently does not exist.

 He also stated there needs to be a definitive lighting strategy. Crime – blight – lights all work together. 

Currently, the Lighting Authority is not officially one of the groups under his department.

 Beckham’s department will work with the various district councils and provide assistance to block clubs,

Churches, neighborhood organizations.

 A District 6 Manager for the Department of Neighborhoods has not yet been hired. They will be in place

and at future community meetings.

 Bulk pick up has been budgeted and will go back to original monthly levels starting in April. Regular and 

bulk pick-up will be done by an outside company. This company will also help with illegal dumping.

Corktown Citizen’s District Council, Mark Crowley –

 Mr. Crowley gave a brief history of CDCs. He stated they are national and were started in 1945. There are

ten CDCs in Detroit. Corktown currently has 12 active members. He asked City Councilperson, Cataneda-Lopez

If she had any insight into the future of the CDCs. She stated she heard no discussions to disband or

Incorporate CDCs in other community initiatives. Crowley received information about upcoming CDC

elections, which supports their continuation.

 Elections will be April 8, 2014. To run you must live in the District; and to vote in the election, you must

live in the district or have a demonstrable interest, ie, business owner. The boundaries are that of the

Historic district. These boundaries were drawn decades ago. Those interested in running and having their

names on the ballot, must file and pick up petitions in person at Election Commission on W. Grand Blvd.

by March 3rd. However, write-ins are allowed.

 There was a request to have the boundaries expanded to include all of Corktown. Crowley will take that

request to the Council.

Corktown Business Association, Ron Cooley –

 There are currently 70 paying members, in just two years of operation.

 More flowers will be planted on Michigan Ave.

 The Corktown Home and Garden Tour is scheduled for June 7

 Cooley stated they are as close as ever to securing something for the Tiger Stadium site – mixed use,

residential & commercial, while also saving the field.

Senator, Coleman Young was recognized in the audience and available for questions. 

Respectfully submitted by Debra T. Walker

Corktown Community Meeting

February 10, 2014 – page 3 or 4Contact Information

Detroit Police Department

Commander, Ms. Ulysha Hall – 313-614-3142 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lt. Szilagy / CompuWare Command Post -- 628-2811

Corktown Officers [cell phone] – 808-2674


st Precinct --

Capt., Steven Dolan – 596-1310

Capt., Michael Chambers – 596-5310

Special Event Planning, Sgt. Janae Stinson – 237-2828

Central Business District, Capt. Conway Petty – 237-2828

State Representative, Rashida Tlaib –

841-2240 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook – Rashida Tlaib

District 6 City Councilperson, Raquel Castaneda-Lopez –

224-2450 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook – raquelucha CL

District 6 Police Commissioner, Lisa Carter ---

389-6571 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department of Neighborhoods, Charlie Beckham –

407-1391 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.