More information on the pet-coke black mountains at our West Riverfront...... 
"There are multiple types of coke ... the grey coke derived from coal is a better fuel than coal. However what we are dealing with is petroleum coke derived from tar sands bitumen refining to heavy crude oil. This type of "coke" contains chemicals from petroleum processing that coal coke wouldn't have. Chemicals such as lead, nickel, chromium, benzopyrene, indenopyrene, selenium, and vandium. These are considered hazardous chemicals by the EPA, and non-hazardous conditional classification is available WHEN THE coke is kept within the refining process.  Once it leaves gasification processing it is to be stored in tanks - not dumped on the open ground, allowed to blow in the wind, and have rainwater leach these chemicals washing them into stormwater basins (or directly into Detroit River) which may fill and overflow into the River.
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