More cameras on Detroit roadways 

The council accepted a $30 million grant that will build a police “freeway video feed system.” Funding comes from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

Grant documents say the cameras will be used to investigate violent crimes.

Detroit averaged 50 shootings on freeways in the last three years, according to the grant agreement, and there is no suspect in at least 60% of cases.

Santiago-Romero was the lone vote against receiving the funding, noting that the grant brings 400 more surveillance cameras to Detroit.

Cameras posted at 200 locations along 68 miles of freeway will stream video footage to the Detroit Police Department. It also includes a network of license plate readers to observe vehicles driving by strategic locations like freeway ramps and interchanges.

The council voted 7-2 in September to approve a $5 million contract for license plate readers. DPD policy says the cameras can’t be used for traffic enforcement.

Instead, cameras are supposed to help police identify vehicles involved in violent crimes, missing persons and stolen vehicles.