After years of construction and the shipping container sitting dormant, we are determined to breathe new life into it and restore its purpose, but we can't do it alone – we need your support.

With your generous contributions, we envision a future where the Lincoln Street Art Park and Activi-Tree Learning Center become beacons of environmental education, creativity, and community engagement.

Together, we can provide the following essential project elements:  

  • Moving, cleaning, and preparing the shipping container learning center for events, field trips, and camps. 

  • Installation of solar panel batteries to power the container sustainably. 

  • Implementation and design of a comprehensive waste, recycling, and composting program for the art park. 

  • Acquisition of garden supplies and materials to create pollinator gardens as educational tools. 

  • Equipment and materials for organizing and storing tools required for park and garden maintenance.

  • Installation of benches and seating areas for community members to enjoy the art park and creating spaces for outdoor learning. 

  • Creation of informative signage throughout the park to highlight its sustainability features.

  • Coordination for volunteer days, providing necessary materials and food for cleanup and planting initiatives. 

Funding from this campaign will enable us to accomplish these crucial objectives, fostering an environment where education, art, and community converge. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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