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Hello everyone, Paula here. I’ve been quiet because it's very painful to have to let our brick-and-mortar space go, but I wanted to directly communicate some things that are getting lost in the dominant narrative.

  • We tried mightily to find another space in Midtown and the City proper. We looked at a lot of different spaces over a period of several years. As we don't have funds to build from scratch, we need to find a building that 1) we can afford and 2) has high ceilings (14’ and up) and no load-bearing columns. Such a building has proved very elusive. 
  • As I have stated in many previous emails, we need support to keep movies in Midtown. In addition to another permanent space, we also need funding to properly run the theater. Our attempts at securing grants have been mostly unsuccessful. We did receive some Federal pandemic relief funds and some funds from the State of Michigan, but these weren’t enough to keep going. Our sponsorship pitches have so far met with indifference. 
  • I’ve been getting calls and emails about various under-used or empty auditoria on the Wayne State University campus. In the past couple of years, we and others working on our behalf have tried multiple times to contact decision-makers at WSU to discuss working with them — without success. We welcome any opportunity to discuss possibilities with WSU.

Our series at University of Michigan-Dearborn is a partnership with the Journalism and Media Production (JUMP) program, which houses the film courses there. JUMP Assistant Professor Adam Sekuler was the catalyst. Within weeks of hearing of our situation, he and U of M-D offered us a way to continue screening films. They have been generous and accommodating and we are grateful to them for providing the space and support.

We're looking forward to screening some great films: 

Screenings are happening in Room 1071CB of the CASL Building. Maps of the area and campus are below (click to enlarge).

UMD-area-map image


MEMBERS will still receive their discounts. We ask that you purchase your tickets for the U of M-D series in person to make sure you receive the correct ticket price. 

Thursday, June 15 is our last scheduled day of screenings on Third Street. Our last day in the building is Friday, June 30. We have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do, posters are still available for donations, and we will be giving some things away, so we’ll be open for that and carryout concessions at various times. Stay tuned for specific days and times and available items. Info on posters is below.

We are planning other pop-up screenings and events so keep an eye out for those!

SANCTUARY is Held Over through June 15

Screening at 4126 Third Street

Confined to a claustrophobic hotel room, the heir to a hotel empire (Christopher Abbott) and the dominatrix who primed him for success (Margaret Qualley) become locked in a battle of wits and wills as he tries to end his relationship with her.


"The performers here have such generous chemistry with one another and it’s a joy to watch them play out this psychosexual commentary on gender and power roles with such artistic fervor." —

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CADEJO BLANCO screens June 16, 17 and 18

at University of Michigan-Dearborn

Sarita (Karen Martìnez) goes out dancing one night at the insistence of her free-spirited sister, Bea. The next morning, Sarita realizes that Bea never made it home. Suspecting that Andrés, her sister’s boyfriend, had something to do with Bea's disappearance, Sarita takes matters into her own hands. With unwavering determination, she becomes increasingly involved in the ruthless, violent underworld of Guatemalan street gangs.

Praised for its "gritty authenticity" (Screen Daily) and cast with almost entirely non-professional actors, Cadejo Blanco is an intense, nail-biting thriller in the vein of Sin Nombre and Maria Full of Grace.

"Pending the return of Brian De Palma and Michael Mann, the thriller seems to have found a worthy successor to both of them, even if it has appeared in the last place one might expect it: Guatemala." — Cinemanìa

"The visuals hold a power few dramas, save for the likes of City of God, possess... Karen Martinez is a revelation" — Film Threat

In Spanish with English subtitles

125 min. | Justin Lerner | Guatemala, USA, Mexico

Please note: CADEJO BLANCO is screening on the University of Michigan Dearborn campus in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters Building, Room 1071CB. FREE parking across from the building.

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BIG BOYS screens June 23 & 24

at University of Michigan-Dearborn

bigboys_still_05 image

Jamie’s dream camping trip is ruined before it even begins when he finds out that his beloved cousin is bringing her new boyfriend. However, Jamie’s initial jealousy of the competent and confident Dan quickly turns into a friendship, as they bond over cooking, games and both being “big boys.”

As the weekend progresses, despite Jamie’s brother’s attempts to set him up with a girl staying at the campsite, all Jamie wants to do is hang out with Dan. While his burgeoning crush gets him into awkward scrapes and arguments, Jamie begins to come to terms with who he is, and who he desires. Hilarious and heartwarming, BIG BOYS is the type of coming-of-age film we need more of in the world.

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screens July 8 and July 9 at University of Michigan-Dearborn

max-roach_still_01-1100px-2 image

Fresh from SXSW, this new documentary tells the story of a musician whose far-reaching ambitions were inspired and challenged by the inequities of the society around him. Max Roach's stunningly diverse seven-decade career marked him as one of the great musical artists of the 20th century—and a pioneering cultural activist—at times when the nation was steeped in racism.

The film follows Roach across a rich and complicated life, days of now-legendary achievement and also deep personal struggle, and the price he paid for his outspoken views. His was an epic musical journey: from the revolutionary Jazz of the 1940s to the Civil Rights years; through experiments in hip hop, multi-media works, and beyond.

"The film uses a vast array of archival footage and interviews to bring the recent past to life, often building sections into pulsating impressions that reflect its subject and an overall musicality." — Austin Chronicle

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HOLLOW TRIUMPH screens July 9 at 5:00 p.m. ONLY

at University of Michigan-Dearborn

hollow-triumph-1200px-1 image

Paul Henreid (best known for Casablanca) stars in a film noir he produced as an ex-con on the run who uses his resemblance to a psychiatrist to stay alive and out of jail. Of course, as is the case with most scams, not all goes according to plan. Bleak noir fatalism and gorgeous cinematography by the great John Alton elevates HOLLOW TRIUMPH to hidden gem status.

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Posters from past films are available for a $10 donation each or three (3) for $25. Due to volume of inquiries, we can’t answer questions about which individual posters are available. Please check the list —->

  • If a poster is listed, it is available at this moment.
  • If a poster is not listed, or has a quantity of 0 (zero), it is not available.

Please note

  • Posters must be purchased and picked up IN PERSON DURING SCHEDULED BUSINESS HOURS. See below.
  • We will not ship posters and we are not accepting email or phone orders and we aren’t reserving or “setting aside” any posters for later purchase.
  • Posters displayed on our walls or in frames are NOT for sale yet.
  • Again, we are not accepting phone or email orders or reservations.


Business hours

June 10 — 7-11 p.m.

June 11 — 7-9 p.m..

June 12 — 7-9 p.m.

June 15 — 7-9 p.m.


Stay tuned for other days/times.