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A calendar we can all get behind

Purple graphic that looks like a calendar page. Text: “City Council Budget Hearing Schedule. March 6-10, 2023. (Note: Mayor presents his budget to Council on March 3.)” Photo of Gabriela Santiago-Romero. Logo for Gabriela Santiago-Romero. Text: “Monday, 6th: Blank. Wednesday, 8th: 10 a.m., Public Lighting Department; 10:30 a.m., Public Lighting Authority; 2 p.m., City Clerk; 3 p.m., Elections Department. Thursday, 9th: 11 a.m., Museum of African American History; 2 p.m., Historical Department; 3 p.m., Eastern Market. Friday, 10th: 10 a.m., Housing & Revitalization Department; 11 a.m., Detroit Building Authority; 1 p.m., Detroit Land Bank Authority; 2 p.m., Department of Innovation & Technology. View full schedule at All budget hearings are open to the public. Zoom: Phone: Call 929-436-2766, 312-626-6799, 669-906-6833, 253-215-8782, 301-715-8592, or 346-248-7799. ID: 85846903626. In-person: Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 13th Floor. 313.224.2450. As of 02.27.23 at 10 a.m. Dates/times subject to change.”

Shoutout to Councilmember Gabriela Santiago-Romero and her office for producing this easy-to-read calendar of the 2023 City Council budget hearings.

After searching high and low for this information on the council and city clerk websites — and finding nothing — we were thrilled to find it waiting for us in our inbox. It’s like someone knew people might be interested.