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Central Brush Park is a mixed residential and commercial area, and residents and businesses compete for parking spaces. Detroit’s Municipal Parking Department (MPD) is proposing a time-period metered residential parking zone to provide parking relief for residents while disincentivizing parking for nonresidents and still supporting businesses in the area.

The proposed plan involves creating permits for residents that allow 24/7 free parking for up to two registered vehicles. To receive a residential parking permit, residents would pay a one-time $40 administrative fee, and the cost of permits would be $60 annually and $30 annually for seniors. Two-hour metered parking will be available for anyone from 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

The next step for MPD is to submit the final plan to the City Council, which would have 30 days to schedule a public hearing. According to Chapter 46, Article II of the Detroit City Code, if the City Council doesn’t make a decision within 60 days of the public hearing, the plan will automatically go into effect.

1/11/2023 Detroit Municipal Parking Department, Brush Park Residential Parking Community Meeting notes here
Documented by Ashley Williams and Meghan Rutigliano.