Every person contains the spark of hope.

Since 1968, that's what Focus: HOPE has believed. Every year, we continue to work tirelessly alongside wonderful supporters like YOU!

But hope is not merely a concept; putting hope into action means working towards meaningful change.

Too many people in our community still face barriers to success. Racism, poverty and injustice remain all too prevalent. So we continue to join hands with our neighbors across Metro Detroit, working together for justice intelligent and practical action.

Hope makes a real difference- that's what we've heard countless times from those we work alongside. 


"I want to give a huge Thank You to Focus: HOPE for their supportive service and generosity with their diaper and book bags give-a-way during hard times. It's the small things that make the biggest impact on families."


"Focus: HOPE's machinist training institute was a catalyst for change in my life. I had a long-range plan but lacked a definitive direction relative to a career path. I went to a technical high school, so I already knew a lot of the fundamentals but Focus: HOPE structured training program helped me to excel on the shop floor where I struggled."


"The items that were in the box were extraordinary, just being able to get fresh produce, seasonings, and a recipe. My kids really love vegetables, getting these items will make a nice meal." 

Will you join us in continuing to spread hope throughout Metro Detroit? Your gift can be the reason someone discover HOPE!

Will you join us in a donation? 

Every gift, any amount, will help someone find their tomorrow.

Thank you.