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Please note that these classes are not free but assistance is available if you qualify.

Below is a list of some of the upcoming courses you or someone you may know may be interested in:


January 2nd - Telehandler
January 3rd - 6th - Backhoe
January 3rd - 9th - HAZWOPER 40
Jan. 9th - 13th - Excavator
January 14th & 21st OSHA 10 - Construction
Jan. 17th - Aerial Lift
Jan. 18th - Asbestos Refresher 
Jan. 18th - CPR/1st Aid (8am - 4pm)
Jan. 18th - CPR/1st Aid (4:30pm - 9pm)
January 16th - MLK DAY (No Classes)
Jan 23rd - March 1st -  Real Estate Salesperson  (Hybrid, Night time)
Jan. 23rd - 26th OSHA 30
Jan. 30th - Feb. 1st - Skid steer
Feb. 2nd - Telehandler
Feb 6th - 10th - Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial
February 27th - March 2nd - Lead Abatement Supervisor Class



Michigan Residential Builders License: Our MI Residential Builder's license class is structured toward anyone who has a desire to develop their own construction business or who is looking to obtain a license to do so. This course is a total of 60 hours of training and calls for a vast amount of preparation and study outside of the center. This class is the pre-license to the state exam to receive a contractor's license. This is a live stream course.
Start date(s): 
Jan 9th - Jan 28th
Feb 20th - March 11th

Please contact or call him at 313-800-4199 for more information regarding this course.


Blight Removal Training ProgramWe provide customized vocational training in order to prepare Detroit residents find a new career path. Our goal is to help residents better themselves and their communities, by giving them the set of tools and knowledge needed to have productive and functional jobs. We strive to make this community better with growth. If you’re a business owner looking to train and certify your personnel or you want to have better job opportunities, we have the program that works for you and your needs.

Let’s bring out Detroit’s full potential. In order to improve our city, we need trained and certified professionals in urban blight removal. Our ultimate goal is to certify and license professionals in this industry.

Start date(s): 

1/3/2023 - 3/1/2023
1/9/2023 - 2/24/2023
1/30/2023 - 3/17/2023
2/20/2023 - 4/7/2023
3/13/2023 - 4/28/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/19/2023


Please contact or call him at 313-261-0315 for more information regarding this course.

MASONRY RESTORATION TRAINING PROGRAM WITH ASBESTOSThis hands-on training program will provide students with the skills necessary to work on important Masonry Restoration projects in the city of Detroit and beyond. Skills and topics included cover the history of Masonry, tools, equipment and mediums used by Masons, as well as advanced masonry restoration techniques. Students will have the opportunity to learn mortar spreading, furrowing, buttering, brick-laying, and much more
Start date(s): 
1/9/2023 - 4/5/2023
2/6/2023 - 5/3/23
3/6/2023 - 5/31/23
4/3/2023 - 6/28/23


Please contact or call her at  313-261-0533 for more information regarding this course.

MIG Welding Production Worker Training Program: The Detroit Training Center has created a 180-hour training program to prepare students with the skills necessary to be eligible to use welding equipment in industries. Students will have both lectured-styled teachings coupled with hands-on training. This program will provide students with the proper training and certifications to operate equipment related to welding. Students will learn job safety and safety requirements per American Welding Society (AWS) welder qualifications.

We have options for funding: (1) Pay out of pocket (pay in full or deposit 50% down payment, and the balance will be due by the program's end); (2) If you are financially eligible, contact your local Michigan and register with their career training program; their Hotline number is 1-800-825-9675; (3) if you live in the City of Detroit, contact, and if you don't have an account. create an account to register with that organization; Their Hotline number is 313-962-9675; (4) If you are a client of Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), contact your Case Manager about funding for our program; (5) Detroit Training Center is also approved by Michigan State Approving Agency for the training of VA Students and other eligible beneficiaries. These benefits include the following: Chapter 30, Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill), Chapter 35, Chapter 1606, Chapter 1607, Chapter 31/Vocational Rehabilitation.

The cost of the program is $6,800, and we will try to assist you in navigating through this process to utilize your best options. We also try to assist in identifying some scholarship money, if available, to help defray some of the cost.

Start Dates:

2/27/2023 -  4/25/2023
4/24/2023 -  6/20/2023
6/20/2023 -  8/21/2023

Please contact Glenn for further information to get you started. Phone number is 313-334-6559, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CDL TrainingOur ultimate goal is to decrease the rate of unemployment in Detroit. You can aspire to become a regional driver, local delivery, over-the-road driver, landscape and construction equipment operator, bus driver or CDL instructor. Other dates include:

Commercial driver's license (CDL) a driver's license required to operate large or heavy vehicles. 


CDL A Training Program 
1/9/2023 - 3/7/2023
1/17/2023 - 4/22/2023 (Nights and Weekends)
1/30/2023 - 3/21/2023 
2/20/2023 - 4/11/2023
2/27/2023 - 6/13/2023 (Nights and Weekends)
3/13/2023-  5/02/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/23/2023
4/24/2023 -6/13/2023


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires all drivers who operate a commercial motor vehicle to possess a commercial drivers license (CDL).  DTC CDL A Program provides the knowledge and skill necessary to obtain this license.  Our program consists of classroom instruction and hands-on training in preparation to pass the written and road portion of the CDL exam.  Training will be provided by state certified instructors who are CDL holders with industry experience .  Hands-on training includes straight line backing, left and right offset backing, 90 degree alley docking, coupling and uncoupling of trailers, Pre-Trip Inspection and on the road training.




7 weeks




14 weeks






*Some students receive full or partial funding for this program. Please contact us to see if you qualify.*

CDL A Training Program - Skills for Life
1/9/2023 - 3/7/2023
1/30/2023 - 3/28/2023 
2/20/2023 - 4/11/2023
3/13/2023 - 5/02/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/23/2023
4/24/2023 - 6/13/2023

CDL B Training Program
1/9/2023 - 2/21/2023 
1/30/2023 -  3/7/2023    
2/20/2023 - 3/28/2023
3/13/2023 - 4/18/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/9/2023
4/24/2023 - 5/30/2023 


This program is an entry-level class that prepares students for work in the trucking industry. Students will be able to operate vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds and over besides those combination vehicles requiring a CDL A. In-depth lecture and textbook materials will cover driving safety and air brakes. The hands-on segment includes straight line backing, 90 degree alley docking, and the completion of the behind the wheel exam



CDL B Customized - Training Program
1/9/2023 - 2/21/2023 
1/30/2023 -  3/7/2023    
2/20/2023 - 3/28/2023
3/13/2023 - 4/18/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/9/2023
4/24/2023 - 5/30/2023 

CDL B Training Program Skills for Life
1/9/2023 - 2/21/2023 
1/30/2023 -  3/7/2023    
2/20/2023 - 3/28/2023
3/13/2023 - 4/18/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/9/2023
4/24/2023 - 5/30/2023 

CDL B Training Program Customized with PACE 
1/9/2023 - 2/21/2023 
1/30/2023 -  3/7/2023    
2/20/2023 - 3/28/2023
3/13/2023 - 4/18/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/9/2023
4/24/2023 - 5/30/2023 

Please contact or call her  313-261-2105 for more information regarding this course.
Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program: Detroit Training Center provides multiple certifications for operating heavy equipment and powered industrial trucks through this program. As a result, graduates of this program find successful careers in construction and landscaping projects. The lecture portion covers instruction and general background knowledge on equipment, providing a good base for theoretical knowledge. The hands-on segment gives students the opportunity to drive and operate a variety of equipment including forklift/hi-lo's, skid steers, backhoes, front-end loaders, excavators, and lifts. Upcoming start dates include:
1/9/2023 - 2/10/2023
1/30/2023 - 3/10/2023
2/20/2023 - 3/31/2023
3/13/2023 - 4/21/2023
4/3/2023 - 5/12/2023

Please contact Lisa@DetroitTraining.Com or call her at 313-261-0315 for more information regarding this course.
Forklift Training Courses: Detroit Training Center offers this course to cover the effective, safe, and efficient use of powered industrial trucks/forklifts. Students receive lecture-based instruction to develop general knowledge on the equipment prior to attending hands-on instruction where they will have the opportunity to drive the equipment. A certificate is provided upon completion of the course at the end of the day. $150 for this 8-hour course.

January 7th
January 20th
January 21st

Please contact Jordan@DetroitTraining.Com or call him at 313-800-4199 to register today!
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