Advocates urge Detroit to turn down proposed concrete crushing facility

Dana Afana
Detroit Free Press

Advocates are urging Detroit officials to stand against a proposed concrete crushing facility in the Core City neighborhood that sits near a highway and residential properties.

The nearly 4.7-acre property at 4445 Lawton St. west of downtown is classified as a vacant industrial site, city records show. Developer Murray Wikol, CEO of ProVisions LLC, which lists some of the project information online, is proposing a "very high-impact manufacturing or processing facility" that involves crushing, grading and screening of rock, stone, slag, clay or concrete but residents are concerned about excess noise, dust and chemicals blanketing their homes and nearby agricultural operations.

Through a special land use hearing on Wednesday with the Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department, engineering consultant Dave Root said the main operations include receiving raw demolished concrete from various parts of the state, weighing and inspecting material before processing, then placing it in a raw stockpile until processed through an inspector. The raw material pile also has a maximum height of 32 feet, he said.