The Detroit Hispanic Development Corp. at 1211 Trumbull, has adopted Dean Savage Park.  One of their employees, David Jimenez, has been mowing, cleaning up and spreading good will for over a year.  Now, there is interest from the Corktown Historic Society, the Corktown Citizens District Assoc., the Corktown Business Assoc., Michigan Ave. Coalition, Build On Detroit and the IBEW to assist the DHDC and Ideal Group to do a complete overhaul of the Park and make it a safe and neighborhood friendly location.

For those of you not familiar with Ideal Group, they are located on Clark
St. in the industrial complex.    They have sponsored a neighborhood
garden on Merritt and McKinstry in southwest Detroit that transformed an empty lot.  General Motors donated the steel shipping containers that have been turned into raised garden beds for flowers, vegetables and fruits.  The area is maintained by the community and volunteers from the DHDC.  

They are interested in helping turn a portion of Savage Park into the same type of community garden and will arrange for the steel containers thru General Motors as well as the dirt and compost for the beds.

Ron Cooley is the process of borrowing the type of machinery needed to
cut back the over growth, remove trees and shrubbery and move the large stones that are scattered through out the grounds.  Volunteers will be needed to help with this "heavy" work as well as to do weed pulling, clean up, etc.   The scheduled date for the clean out is 9/29 with a
rain date of 10/6 if necessary.

Once all of this has been accomplished, a landscape architect will assist in helping configure the park, or try to restore it to how it may have looked back in the 60's.  We are looking for community input  on what you would like to see happen in the park, and of course volunteers to help with the clean up and the upkeep.