Keidan Park 
Rochester St, Detroit, MI 48206
From Ishmail Terry
Hello Media and Community Leaders,

We’re concerned with the idea that the City of Detroit through several measures to “STOP” our organization to stop raising funds to support the efforts to renovate Keidan Park. 

We find it alarming when the Mayor Michael Duggan and his staff were upset that we were able to receive funding from Wayne County Park allotment of $50,000 to Keidan Park and not to Zussman Park.

Planning and Development wanted our organization to focus on and project development was already in active mode. So, when the city attorney approach us to cease and desist, our agency explained our efforts and that our partnership and letter of support carry through our government support and others. 

Then the Mayor Michael Duggan and the City of Detroit officials sent the complaints to the State of Michigan State Attorney General Office to stop our efforts to redevelop Keidan Park.

e explain our relationship with particular official and no one has explained why would the Mayor’s Michael Duggan and staff trying to stop the renovation project. Here’s another cover up by this administration and we’ve talking to legislators and representatives from the State Supreme Courts to end this measure and proceed to renovate Keidan Park.