Here's how thousands of Detroit youth can get paying jobs this summer


For those unfamiliar with the Grow Detroit Young Talent program, Detroit residents between 14-24 can apply for paying summer positions with employers across the city. 


We've highlighted Gail Fulton here as an example. She started as an intern with GDYT, which transitioned into full-time employment at the City of Detroit. Last year, 8,210 youth were employed at 669 work sites through 233 employers for six weeks


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The application period for Detroit youth to enter GDYT begins January 31 and closes March 15. After interviews in May and orientations in June, youth employees begin with their respective employers on July 8.


To apply or to learn more, visit


Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) is a citywide summer jobs program that trains and employs young adults between the ages of 14 and 24 for up to 120 hours. Youth participants must be permanent residents of the City of Detroit and be eligible to work in the United States. There is a broad range of jobs available to the participants. Examples of jobs include: community cleanups, event planning, accounting, retail and the Junior Police or Fire Cadets to name a few. Last year, over 8,000 local youth received employment which is our goal again this year.


Please remember that GDYT receives thousands of applications and not every youth that applies will be selected to participate. Those selected will be notified by May 31st. Those not selected will be placed on the waiting list for summer 2019.

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Allied Media Projects (AMP) is hiring!


AMP is looking to add talented and thoughtful colleagues to the communications, accounting and development teams. 


Communications manager: Deadline to apply, March 11th

Accountant (two positions open): Deadline to apply, March 11th

Development associate: Deadline to apply, March 18th 


To apply, send a cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!