Dear All,  
The meeting that took place this evening at St. Anne's Hall ended up not being the wolf in sheep's clothing aka DIBC paying for D3 to come out & listen to SWD Residents to discuss change/s in their neighborhood but none of us were 100% sure that DIBC wasn't behind D3 coming out.  D3 stated that they were being paid by the Urban Institute.
However, all of the attendees did have time to discuss the DIBC new Bridge Project, threat of DIBC expanding his truck & bridge plaza, some expressed many concerns about DIBC history of blockbusting behaviors & continuation of those horrible behaviors, the 2 Petitions to Close St. Anne Street, & an alley & portion of Lafayette St., the Archdiocese behaviors questioned, concerns about DIBC buying votes, trying to influence our local elections & elected officials with $$$$, too many free lunches & promises, etc.,...  
Even though D3 was working on this national effort called Turning the Corner project, & they will be returning to SWD again.  We learned the only other Detroit neighborhood that has been selected is the Northend of Detroit for discussion about their neighborhood area & what neighborhood changes were they also experiencing.  
No one tried to deliberately mislead anyone Robert & I am sorry that you felt that way & were unable to stay to contribute to the discussion.  
See Attachment on this last minute meeting notice & I am not sure how much could possibly be "discussed in one hour" but with all of our SWD Community's concerns over the threat of DIBC petitioning the City to close St. Anne Street & other streets & alleys, we all better try to make it & voice our concerns because it would be completely unacceptable to close St. Anne Street @ Fort St. (& West Lafayette St.) & Delay 911 Responder Times to reach the People!