Tuesday, August 16, 2016 - Detroit. Today the Detroit Elections Commission, Council President Brenda Jones, Corporate Council Melvin "Butch" Hallowell and City Clerk Janice Winfrey, moved forward the People's Community Benefits Ordinance along with Council Member Benson's Ordinance. Both will be on the ballot in November. The People's CBO was designated as Proposal A and Benson's 'Enhanced' Ordinance will appear as Proposal B.

Detroiters in support of the People's CBO packed the Election Commission Meeting and spoke passionately about the importance of following the Democratic process and moving the People's CBO forward. 

We want to thank and congratulate those who have supported and worked relentlessly for real Community Benefits in Detroit! Moving the People’s CBO toward the ballot has been a tremendous effort and an important act of citizen-led democracy on display with over 5000 Detroiters signing the petition over an 8 week period. In the face of voter suppression and suspension of democracy, the right of community to organize around an issue and move it to the ballot has become one of the last vestiges of the democratic process accessible to everyday Detroiters.

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Vote YES on Proposal A!
The People’s Community Benefit Ordinance

1. The People’s CBO puts forth that Detroiters can negotiate without being monitored by City Council Members or representatives from the Administration. In a real CBA the negotiations are between the community and the developer. 

2. The People’s CBO provides community real returns on our investment (ROI) of tax dollars. We’re investing our tax dollars in these projects, what are we getting out of it?

3. The People’s CBO ends in a legally binding agreement between the developer and the community. Without being legally binding, it’s not a real Community Benefits Agreement 

4. The People's CBO only applies to large scale development when public funds and resources are used. 

Vote NO on Proposal B!
Council Member Benson’s “Enhanced” Ordinance

1. Council Member Benson’s “Enhanced” Ordinance just legislates the status quo and business as usual. 

Benson’s ordinance resembles an elaborate engagement process controlled by Planning & Development and City Council.

2. Council Member Benson’s “Enhanced” Ordinance makes official separate and unequal practices between Down ‘Greater Downtown’ and our neighborhoods.
Benson's Ordinance calls for hands off approach to development in Downtown and Midtown, which means they are exempt. 

3. Council Member Benson’s “Enhanced” Ordinance expressly forbids community from entering into a legally binding contract with developers.
A legally binding agreement is the heart of a CBA. His Ordinance guts the meaning of a CBA. Benson’s Ordinance depends upon the trickle down effect; that our communities will miraculously benefit from economic development when Detroiters know better.

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