Corporate pressure: The Defend Black Voters Coalition has called foul (paywalled) on six companies — General Motors, Ford Motor Co., DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Delta Dental. Their pushback is based on the donations from those companies’ political action committees to Republican state lawmakers who support a future ballot measure that could reform election laws and simultaneously suppress the African American vote. Donations from these six corporations to lawmakers who support the ballot measure have topped more than $1 million since 2016. The ballot measure — Secure MI Vote — could head to the ballot in 2024 or be adopted by lawmakers without voter input. Secure MI Vote would stiffen rules dealing with photo ID and other personal information requirements for voters (both absentee and those voting in person); prohibit election officials from sending residents unsolicited absentee ballots; and more. But it might be nullified if voters approve Proposal 2, the voting rights initiative known as Promote the Vote, this November. (Crain’s Detroit Business, Sludge, Bridge Michigan)