As Accounting Aid Society's tax volunteers, we worked every Saturday at Detroit Public Library's Duffield Branch for probably 20 years. In fact we were working in March 2020 when Covid closed everything...including all the Detroit Public Libraries. The libraries slowly opened but not Duffield...until, that is, Monday 8/22/22 at 10:00. So there we were - waiting by the door with a huge bouquet of flowers to welcome them back open.  The workers that we knew are still there and were so happy to see us. We will start taxes again at the end of January....can't wait. 
NOTE: when Duffield was closed in the 2021 and this winter/spring....we doubled up our days at River Rouge....from Wednesdays to Wednesdays and taxes anywhere in 2020 after March 12th except maybe electronically through the IRS

Pictures: Our flowers, returning staff, Returning Manager and new Asst Manager

The Detroit Public Library - Duffield Branch
2507 W. Grand Blvd.
(313) 481-1710

Leslie and Peter Malcolmson