CorktownCrime thread - 

Corktown Neighborhood Association

EDITED. Hi neighbors.

Many of you have heard discussions about the CorktownCrime thread via the GroupMe app.

This is a 'real time' crime app for Corktown residents/businesses only, where you can report suspicious activity and/or crimes in progress, as well as learn about crime happening in the neighborhood.

DPD also accesses this thread. In some cases they post items, other times they may respond with information or questions, and other times they may act with no communication on the thread.

Please take the time to download this app. Once you have done so, please reach out to me (Debra Walker) to 'add' you as a member.

Please provide phone number or email - how you will access app.
Generally via phone.

You can set the notifications to what best suits your lifestyle. This app has been helpful in identifying and capturing perpetrators, stolen vehicles and vehicles used to commit crimes.

It is just for crimes -- not to post garage sales, etc. Let's be careful out there. And please turn on your porch lights.

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