Third Precinct Meet and Greet Notes

The stats will be presented from the 3rd Precinct (Commander Melissa R. Gardner and/or Captain Tharadrous White will present the stats) to the Community members. 

It is imperative that any Community Members in the entire 3rd Precinct attend the meeting.  We want to make sure that collectively, we are working together in the community.  We cannot do this alone and we appreciate all efforts to share updates that occurs in other areas in Detroit, especially in the 3rd Precinct. 

Please see the information posted below 

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS EVENT, PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED FLYER IN THIS NOTIFICATION.  Follow the 3rd precinct on  for upcoming events and/or contact us for more information.  We hope to see you at the “Meet and Greet”


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you 

Sophia Nelms, NPO Sergeant

Detroit Police Department

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2875 W. Grand Blvd.

Detroit, Michigan 48202

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“The Detroit Police Department is a model of sustained policing excellence that places our neighborhoods and people first.”

Below are:

  • October's Minutes
  • November's Agenda
  • Meet and Greet Notice

3rd Precinct Police/Community
Relations Council Meeting
Meeting Minutes – October 19, 2021
 Zoom Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

  • Call to Order – Present Ernest Little
  • Community Pledge
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcome and introduction of the Council Board
  • Presentation and Approval of Agenda
  • Recognition of visitors and first-time attendees
  • Recognition of government officials/ representatives
  • Presentation and approval of previous meeting minutes
    • Leslie Malcolmson, Recording Secretary, presented May’s, June’s and September’s minutes.
  • Presentation and Receipt of Treasurer’s Report
    • Balance as of May 18, 2021 is  $ 574.94  
  • Community Report
  • Leslie Malcolmson reported that the Midtown Alliance is continuing with monthly Zoom Meetings.
  • 3rd Precinct Report – Captain Tharadrous White
    • Capt. Tharadrous White reported the recent crime stats:
      • Homicides down 16%
      • Aggravated Assaults up 11.5%
      • Robberies down 10%
      • Burglaries down 14%
      • Larcenies down 8%
      • Auto Thefts up 20% (mainly due to re-programming of Chrysler keys)
    • Capt. White reminded everyone to put valuables in your car trunk especially guns, but not while parked or visible to others.
  • 3rd Precinct Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs) Report
  • If you know of an abandon vehicle, report it to your NPO.
  • If you see blight in your neighborhood – use the “Improve Detroit” mobile phone app to report it.
  • If you need help for Domestic Violence or know someone that needs help, contact your NPO. We have Advocates in the precinct that can help. The Precinct is sponsoring “A Casual Conversation About Domestic Violence” on 10/20/21
  • For Trunk or Treat, all precincts will pass out candy to cars and walkup people at stations in the Precinct’s parking lot.
  • National Prescription Take Back Drugs in on October 23rd. They can also take liquids.
  • Community Announcements and Good News
    • Various notices of activity in the Precinct.
    • The Children’s Spa gave an Angel Award to Off. John Pinchum.
    • oAlvin Stokes, President of City Wide Police/Community Relations Council invited us all to their meetings. He can be reached on 313-459-3511 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All Police/Community Relations Councils belong to City Wide.
  • Adjournment

 Minutes submitted November 13, 2021
Leslie Malcolmson, Reporting Secretary