3rd Precinct Police/Community
Relations Council Meeting

Meeting Minutes –

September 21, 2021

Zoom Meeting – 6:00 p.m.
  • Call to Order – Present Ernest Little
  • Community Pledge
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Welcome and introduction of the Council Board
  • Presentation and Approval of Agenda
  • Recognition of visitors and first-time attendees
  • Recognition of government officials/ representatives
  • Presentation and approval of previous meeting minutes
  • Leslie Malcolmson, Recording Secretary, will present the past due minutes in October. Past due are May and June.
  • Presentation and Receipt of Treasurer’s Report
  • Ending Balance (as of) September 21, 2021 is  $ 154.94. The Council contributed $400 to the Precinct Picnic.
  • Community Report
  • Leslie Malcolmson reported that the Midtown Alliance is continuing with monthly Zoom Meetings after skipping August.
  • 3rd Precinct Report – Commander Sonia Russell
  • Our new Commander  Sonia Russell introduced herself and gave a history of her very distinguished career with the Detroit Police Department.
  • Capt. Tharadrous White reported on recent crime statistics – Homicides down 18%, CCSex Crimes down 14%, Property Crimes down 13%, however Aggravated Assaults were up 18% and Car Thefts were up 23%.
  • Capt. Tharadrous White discussed programs in the Precinct – Warrant Car, Targeted Enforcement, Bike Patrols, and working with the Salvation Army for special training on dealing with the homeless with crisis intervention. Special Court deals with the homeless, drug, and mental health issues. They provide resources and homecare.
  • The Captain introduced a new NPO in the downtown are – NPO Steve Engebretson. He stated that Officer Mitchel will return soon.
  • The Captain discussed programs in Corktown due to issues there- - a second beat patrol and additional night patrols.
  • The Captain reported on an award for Debra Walker of Corktown.
  • The new Commander discussed issues in Greektown.
  • The Commander reported that there will be no Trunk or Treat this year. The Precinct will pass out bags of candy to children in a drive-up procedure. No outside candy can be accepted.
  • The Precinct will continue to adopt families at Christmas with gifts supplied by the city.
  • 3rd Precinct Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs) Report
  • If you know of an abandon vehicle, report it to your NPO.
  • If you see blight in your neighborhood – use the “Improve Detroit” mobile phone app to report it.
  • There will a “A Casual Conversation About Domestic Violence” on 10/20/21 at the Operating Engineering Local 324, plus a Prayer Breakfast in Beacon Park on Oct. 8th, and Walk of Faith in the Precinct on Oct. 9th
  • If you need help for Domestic Violence or know someone that needs help, contact your NPO. We have Advocates in the precinct that can help.
  • Guest – David Flate
    • David Flate reported on the Model T Birthday Celebration on Sunday September 26th.
  • Community Announcements and Good News
    • Corktown Business Week to have a Meet and Greet.
  • Adjournment
Minutes submitted October 18, 2021
Leslie Malcolmson, Reporting Secretary