Renovation can start on Detroit’s Historic Fort Wayne

Federal government gives city the go-ahead

Some very big news came out on Thursday night involving one of Detroit’s historical gems.

The federal government has given the city of Detroit the go-ahead to start renovating Historic Fort Wayne.

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Officials put out call for possible redevelopment business partners

Detroit officials are putting out the call for any and all possible business partners for a new redevelopment project involving Historic Fort Wayne along the riverfront.

City officials want people to think about Historic Fort Wayne with other possibilities in mind, such as the riverfront and the new bridge.

“We’re going to go through a rep sample of six to seven buildings of what we have,” said Ron Staley, of the Christman Company. “It’s wonderful. I haven’t been down here in a few years, but it’s great to see what an asset the city has in the fort and all the barracks around it.”

Staley said he has worked on similar redevelopments of forts, including Fort Mackinaw. He said he sees a lot of potential in Historic Fort Wayne.

“With the bridge going in, how that’s going to change this neighborhood and be an opportunity -- you really have (a community) already,” Staley said. “It’s just bringing businesses back to support that community, which is kind of an island in the city.”

Tim McKay worked on the Workers’ Rowhouse Project in Corktown and he said he sees the similarities to how the history of an area can play a major part in its revitalization. The riverfront checks both the economic and historical boxes.