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DPW Expands Speed Hump Installations

Mayor Mike Duggan today announced a major expansion of the City’s speed hump installation program, with plans to install 4500 next year.  Mayor Duggan and Department of Public Works Director Ron Brundidge outlined the program at a news briefing September 16.

The City first tested the speed humps in 2018 as a way to reduce speeding and improve safety in neighborhoods. As a result of a favorable response from residents, DPW will nearly quadruple the number of speed hump installations for 2021 from the 1200 installed this year. The City has allocated $11.5 million for the 2021 program, utilizing state transportation funds and planned capital projects that have been reprioritized.  

In 2021, some of the determining factors for a street to receive a speed hump will include: 

  • Streets routinely used as a cut-through, or shortcut to bypass major road traffic 
  • Blocks on densely populated streets, especially those blocks with a larger number of children 
  • Streets where the Detroit Police Department has documented incidents of speeding and reckless driving behaviors 
  • Streets with speed limits of 25 mph, and daily traffic volumes of at least 1000 vehicles per day 

Residents are reminded that simply submitting a speed hump request does not guarantee that they will be installed. The City’s traffic engineering team will assess all requests received to ensure the above criteria is met. 

To request a speed hump, go to