It's happening again! 

The Detroit Kite Festival will take place July 15th, 2018 on Belle Isle. It's completely free, and no tickets are necessary. It will feature on-site kite making and kite-related activities, professional kite flyers, with participation from local businesses and organizations.  

When & Where

Sunday July 15, 2018
10 AM - 6 PM
Belle Isle, Detroit

The Festival will take places at the Belle Isle Cricket Field, right next to the Belle Isle Casino.


Lots of parking is available right next to the field.


Contact us at

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DIY Kites

We strongly recommend you try and make your own kite before the festival! Here are some useful resources. Want to buy a kite? Check out our Kites & Supplies page. 

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Kites 101

The Drachen Foundation is one of the best places to find everything you need to know about kite building and education.

“A kite is a heavier-than-air, tethered aircraft kept aloft close to a perpetual stall by the wind.” A kite has three essential characteristics:


27 Easy Kites

This blog has 27 kites that can be made from very simple materials.

Kites & Supplies

What's *your* best kite? Share in our adventures, making super-cheap yet satisfying kites of many types and sizes.