Join the Risker Gallery and SAFE this Friday for the Opening Reception and Panel Event for the "Women" Art Show

"Women" Exhibition Dates: March 2th - March 31st

Panel "Women in Art": March 2 | 6-7pm
Opening Reception: March 2rd | 7-10pm
At The Carr Center
Curated by Myett Risker
"Women," an annual exhibition that honors and celebrates women, is now accepting art and performance submissions. Expressed through the vision of female artists, the exhibition commemorates women through various mediums and themes displaying their gifts, strengths and talents. The 7th annual "Women" exhibition will be on view at The Carr Center March 2, 2018.

This year's National Women's History theme is, "Nevertheless she persisted" or you can chose are sub-theme, "Presidents and CEOs." This sub-theme, is to honor our leaders and fellow working women, while making our female leaders visible. Woman are leaders. Woman can handle any job we chose. 

"Women" Exhibition Dates: March 2th - March 31st

Panel "Women in Art": March 2 | 6-7pm
Opening Reception: March 2rd | 7-10pm
At The Carr Center
1505 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48226

Curated by Myett Risker


Ava Ansari: Poet

Donna Jackson: Artist 

Kristina Theglamtech: Owner of Studio. Glamour Salon, Grosse Pointe, Michigan 

Jenny Risher: Photographer

Vicki Elmer: Writer/Researcher, specializing in the arts. 

Rosemarie Wilson: Poet, Founder and creator of One Single Rose. 


Rosemarie Wilson 
Sully Bjork
Courtney Orchab
Michele Lindgen

India Sullivan 
ML Greene 
Allison Runyan 
Sarah Brennan
Vesy Valcheva
Callie Hoskins
Sharlene Welton
Emily Schnellbacher
Estela Monjo
Francesca Gulliano
Nicki Szydlo
Paloma Nunez-Requerio
Molly Diana
Deborah Marlowe Kashdan
Eve Noir
Hannah Korte
Lorena Ganser
Alana Carlson
Sunshine Durant
Sue Schneider
Torri Smith
Diana Patterson
Crystal Woodard
Jennifer Bueso
Ashley Bunke
Desiree Kelly
Cynthia Petry
Anna Archer
Patty Izzo
Michelle Boggess
Lisa Mull
Carlie Sherry
Gail Borowski
Erin Kruczek
Renee Rials
Barbara Cronan
Cyrah Dardas
Donita Simpson
Pamela Alexander
Jennifer Bueso
Vickie Ellmer
Jenai Jackson
Linden Godlove
Holiday Martindale
Myrna Segura
Regina Fields
Andrea Arbit
Erin Kruczek
Shelia Palmer
Uta Brauser
Felecia Hunt-Taylor
Katie Hawley
Asia Hamilton
Kalissa Maxwell
Anahli Jazhmin

Ava Ansari
Jenny Risher
Kristina Theglamtech
Vickie Elmer
Donna Jackson