REMINDER:  Mayor is coming to SWD this Thursday, Dec. 7th @ 7:00 pm @ Greater Temple on Fort St.  

It would be POWERFUL if EACH US  would speak up @ the microphone to be sure to ASK the Mayor these kinds of key questions:  
Mayor:  "Are You Standing With Us, The People, to Protect those who live on & off of St. Anne Street (right off of Fort St., just down the block from this very church) in Hubbard Richard Neighborhood within our SWD Community & keep St. Anne Street OPEN @ Fort St. & W. Lafayette St."?!  
Mayor:  "Are You Standing With Us, The People, who live all around this Ambassador Bridge Plaza that will end up hosting 2 International Bridges & therefore, we need to be protected:  
Mayor:  Will You Stand with Us?  Will You Protect Us?  Will You Fight for us?  Will you ensure that We, The People, get the Community Benefits that we need & deserve from the DIBC's 2nd Bridge Construction Project just like the Canadian community of Sandwich will receive?  
Deb Sumner