The Bridge Company is at it again. They closed part of W Lafayette and the alley way without city permission! They submit requests after they pretty much moved their wall and tore down any resemblance of a public street. I am so exhausted in trying to help our public servants make more of an effort to investigate requests from a company that has lied to the city of Detroit and federal government in the past. You see, Matty and his team are claiming the Ambassador Bridge plaza needs to be expanded but most of us know that they already did a few years ago. The federal government hasn't requested it. Nope. They want more public property for nothing. However, now they are even closer to our vibrant neighborhood. New homes, condos, local businesses, Freedom House and St Anne's Church would have to endure truck noise, idling, public health impact, and property value decline. I urge Council members to tour the neighborhood before agreeing to CLOSE part of ST. ANNE Street for the Bridge Company. Have a visual of how close they are getting. How noisy it will be and how many trucks idle in the bridge plaza already. Why are we bending backwards for something that is completely unnecessary? Owning both sides of the street should not be enough to impact thousands of families. Please email and call the committee members. If you are a resident, church member, business owner or someone who cares about fairness, please help our community. #BridgewatchDetroit #WeHaveTheRightToBreathe