This is such a bullshit deal!  Riverside Park is a public park.  A number of federal grants used to maintain Riverside Park restricts the use of the park to PUBLIC USE only.  The land that the Mayor wants us to exchange for the park is more contaminated and IS NOT a reasonable swap.  Please attend the meeting on April 25th at Patton Park from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
“Health impacts of the proposed Ambassador Bridge expansion and associated changes to Riverside Park have not yet been adequately studiedChanges in the usefulness of Riverside Park as a green space and recreation resource, as well as changes in usage of the park due to increased traffic volumes, have not been studied at all. While the Environmental Assessment conducted by Detroit International Bridge Company included an air quality analysis, it did not evaluate impacts that the bridge expansion may have on air quality for users of the park. An HIA could analyze impacts like these and offer predictions of anticipated benefits and risks to health. By offering evidence-based recommendations to mitigate any potential health risks, the Health Impact Analysis could help efficiently steer resources to health-promoting mitigations.”
From: Health Impact Partners