News from Rise Together Detroit
Thursday, October 6, 2016
***Media Advisory***
State Senator, City Council President, UAW and AFSCME Voice Proposal “A” Support
Senator Young livid at misuse of father’s image to oppose grassroots campaign
DETROIT – State Senator Coleman A. Young II, City Council President Brenda Jones, Rev. Joan Ross, Al Garrett, president AFSCME Council 25 and members of the UAW Region 1 and 1A will hold a press conference to announce their support of Proposal A, a grassroots community benefits ordinance. They will be joining members of Rise Together Detroit, the group that worked to obtain 5,000 Detroit voter signatures to put Proposal A on the November ballot.
Senator Young has taken issue with the misuse of his father’s, the late former Mayor Coleman A. Young’s image to promote the proposal that works against Proposal A. The Senator, Council President, AFSCME Council 25 and UAW Region 1 and Region 1A want to urge residents to vote “yes” on Proposal A and “no” on Proposal B. The Proposal A campaign slogan is “If we have to pay, we get a say. Vote Yes on A.” Supporters believe Detroiters should have a seat at the table to negotiate community benefits when mega-corporations ask for a certain level of public tax subsidy or other public resources.
Coleman A. Young II, State Senator
Brenda Jones, president, Detroit City Council
Al Garrett, president AFSCME Council 25
Rev. Joan Ross
Members of the UAW Region 1 and Region 1A
Members of AFSCME
What: Press Conference: In Support of Proposal A – Real Community Benefits
When: Friday, October 7, 10:00 a.m.
Where: Spirit of Detroit Statue, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center