Join us for a public soup dinner! Pay $5. Learn

about creative projects happening in Detroit. Vote

on which project to fund with the money raised

from the meal that night.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

2051 Rosa Parks

Detroit, Mi 48216

$5 for soup, salad, bread, and a vote!

Doors at 6:30pm
Proposals presented at 7:30pm
Dinner around 8:30pm


From Model D: 

Detroit SOUP: Stirring up genius in the North End

Amy Kaherl 


Spoonful of social entrepreneurship

Spoonful of social entrepreneurship


It’s been a wonderful month in the world of Detroit SOUP!

We worked with the Detroit Design Festival to put together a wonderful event where we gave the largest grant to date, $1132.25, to the documentary film, Detroit Threat Management. The film chronicles the lives and work of the VIPERS, a highly-trained, urban paramilitary-bodyguard school-community service organization. Exploring themes of privatization of public services, militarism and self-image, the film allows audiences the opportunity to take a close, thoughtful look at what comes into fill the gap when civic entities like the Police Department slowly lose their funding, influence, and community support. You can check out the project here.

The fabulous Detroit Pleasure Society and ceramist Elysia Vandenbussche offered their talent for the evening. With the support of the DD we were able to create bowls with the SOUP logo to sell alongside the event.  

SOUP is also about to make a permanent home in the Jam Handy Building at 2900 E. Grand Blvd in the North End neighborhood. We launched a campaign that would allow heat, light, and sound to be established in this rich historical building. We hope that those involved in the process will be able to make this building into a space where dreamers can make their dreams come true.

In the last year it has been used for art installations, theatrical performances, music performance, beer brewing, urban farming classes, a meeting space, film viewing, a recital space, a practice space, SOUP space, basketball games, etc. We desire to help create a space that would allow people to be able to curate the space for low rent, barter, or trade. We are hearing from a chorus of people who are saying YES! to be able to have a space where ideas can become reality. We are removing a barrier to access but we need your help to make it happen.

To donate to the campaign we would love for you to click here.

Detroit SOUP is also featured as a "Genius Idea" in the November Issue of O Magazine. As a dreamer and a child activist I always wanted to see a project reach the Oprah level. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it was going to happen over a dinner party that we throw, but it’s a contagious idea and one that not just Detroiters have caught onto!

Our next SOUP dinner will be Sunday, Nov. 4. We would love to hear your idea of making Detroit better. Applications are due Oct. 28 and can be found here.

Startup SOUP, a collaboration with Techtown and D:Hive, will be having an event Friday, Nov. 9, at Gleaners. Each social entrepreneur, handpicked by a panel of expert judges, will have five minutes to present their business and field questions from the crowd. Attendees then enjoy soup, discuss the businesses and vote for their favorite. More information can be found here.

Contact Detroit SOUP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information, visit us on Facebook or Twitter.