Detroit Environmental Agenda Survey
The project to craft an environmental agenda for the City of Detroit is based on the reality that environment is key to quality of life in Detroit, economically as well as aesthetically.
A coalition of non-profit, environmental organizations in the city of Detroit are collaborating to develop a shared citywide Environmental Agenda to hold city leaders accountable. We will be holding a series of public meeting throughout the city to understand the environmental concerns of Detroit residents. 
This survey seeks your input on environmental issues that affect the quality of our land, air, and water, which impacts the health and quality of life of residents. Thanks for your participation.
See copy attached - take the survey either by hard copy or electronically. 
Margaret Weber
on behalf of
Organizing Committee
Detroit Environmental Summit, 2011
State of the Environment Report, 2012
Detroit Environmental Agenda, 2013
* Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice, WARM Training Center, Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision, Zero Waste Detroit, Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance, Data Driven Detroit, Recycle Here, and Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit.
Margaret Weber
Zero Waste Detroit
Rosedale Recycles
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