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Detroit Parks Coalition
The Chandler Park Conservancy is a member of the Detroit Parks Coalition (DPC). 

The mission of the Coalition:
We are an alliance that champions Detroit’s vibrant regional-serving parks and works together with the City and stakeholders to deliver outstanding park experiences so that users can further their health, well-being, and belonging.

The purpose of the Coalition is to:
  • Foster a strong and supportive relationship between the City of Detroit, parks groups, and partners
  • Advocate together for the protection, improvement, and expansion of Detroit parks
  • Build the capacity of each organization to enhance their ability to provide leadership, development, programing, and maintenance to each affiliated park
  • Learn and problem solve together
  • Get more done in the parks, by sharing resources that boost service and program delivery
  • Leverage significant investment in and community support for Detroit’s parks

The Detroit Parks Coalitions' first newsletter has been released, click on the link below and read about the wonderful things going on across the city.
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