December 31, 2020
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Hello movie lovers!
With 2020 being such a difficult year for many, including ourselves, we are wishing a better and brighter 2021 for everyone.

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Cinema Detroit EXCLUSIVE Film + Q & A
DOPE, HOOKERS, and PAVEMENT starts Jan. 01

"A funny, insightful and moving testimony to the power of art and community... The depth of the cast of characters in the film is amazing. A must-see for fans of hardcore music or Detroit music history." — Metro Times
Mere hours remain* to go to here and use the pre-sale code "discountdopeCINEMAD" to see DOPE, HOOKERS AND PAVEMENT for $2 off plus see an EXCLUSIVE interview with DHP director Otto Buj after the film! 

In the Cass Corridor, a small, seriously committed throng of suburban teens and skater kids made the scene happen at the ramshackle Freezer Theatre. This funny and reflective doc is an overdue record of a nearly invisible but magic little moment in the long history of Detroit rock'n'roll.

*Pre-sale ends at 11:59 p.m. Eastern on 12/31/2020. You get the exclusive interview no matter when you buy tickets.
NOW SHOWING on Cinema Detroit Marquee

More films have been added to Cinema Detroit Marquee, our new channel. Hosting films ourselves enables us to organize them into double features or series, add extra content, and do more with all of them, like give member benefits. In fact, members already got a FREE film. And every ticket purchased helps us survive COVID-19 closure and thrive into the future. Recent categories include:
--> Directed by Women — A selection of women-made films in all genres;
--> Cinema Detroit Classics — Films we love, whether we showed them or not, from La grande illusion to Hell or High Water;
--> Scary Movies — all kinds of horror, including some Christmas-themed ones; and more!
See below for some highlights or check out Marquee here. Additional films are available on Virtual Cinema Detroit, details on those below as well.
'Tis the season for some Christmas cult horror,
fa la la la, la la la la la...
French Home Alone, but make it horror...

DIAL CODE SANTA CLAUS was made a year before Home Alone and previously only available via VHS bootlegs

Hell hath no fury like a mulleted 10-year-old with an arsenal of toys when faced with a home invasion by a bloodthirsty Santa Claus.

“Plays like a blend of classic Amblin and a grindhouse nightmare." — SlashFilm
One of the most controversial slasher films of all time is back in a new restoration. SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT is the demented story of little Billy Chapman, traumatized by his parents’ Christmas Eve murder and then brutalized by sadistic nuns in an orphanage. When Billy grows up and dresses as Santa, he goes on a yuletide rampage to punish the naughty with extreme prejudice. Robert Brian Wilson and Linnea Quigley (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS) star in this harrowing horror classic that continues to ruffle feathers more than thirty years later.
There’s nothing Santa Claus enjoys more than watching all the children through his telescope. And, when a devil named Pitch shows up to turn the tots towards acts of darkness, it’s Santa’s job to destroy the hellspawn — wait a minute . . .WHAT?!!
It's cult favorite SANTA CLAUS VS. SATAN.

This severely unnatural take on jolly ol’ St. Nick is a cinematic miracle made from Santa’s secret mixture of sweetness and Satanism, as if torn from the melting mind of a summertime snowman.
Trailblazing artists, activists, and everyday people from across the spectrum of gender and sexuality defy social norms and dare to shine in QUEER JAPAN, a kaleidoscopic view of LGBTQ+ culture in contemporary Japan. From Pride parades to playfully perverse underground parties, Queer Japan depicts people living brazenly unconventional lives in the sunlight, the shadows, and everywhere in between.

Culled from 100+ interviews conducted over 3 years in locations across Japan, the doc features dozens of individuals sharing their experiences in their own words. Get to know a vibrant and inspiring group of human beings in a country with a unique history of queer expression.
Within weeks of her arrival in the US, Chinese student Yingying Zhang disappears from her college campus. Through exclusive access to Yingying’s family and boyfriend, the new documentary Finding Yingying closely follows their journey as they search to unravel the mystery of her disappearance and seek justice for their daughter while navigating a strange, foreign country. But most of all, Finding Yingying is the story of who she was: a talented young woman, an aspiring young scientist and teacher is full of optimism, who was loved by her family and friends.
--> From the frontlines of the COVID crisis in Wuhan, China,
76 DAYS recounts the indelible human stories at the center of this pandemic. Raw and intimate, the film bears witness to the death and rebirth of a city under a 76-day lockdown, and to the human resilience that persists in times of profound tragedy.
He could have been a star. Instead he became an enigma...

Serving a life sentence for murder in the early 1970s, musical prodigy Ike White perfected his skills, and recorded an album with big-time producer Jerry Goldstein.

Ike was released early and, with an acclaimed album under his belt, was poised for stardom.

Instead, he went off the grid for more than 40 years.

Daniel Vernon's mesmerizing new documentary, THE CHANGIN' TIMES OF IKE WHITE, is unpredictable and moving, echoing this strange journey.
"Kids in the Hall" x
"Murdoch Mysteries" x
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow
+Cabinet of Dr. Caligari =

We're still going through a really eventful election cycle, but I guarantee you've never seen any political anything quite like this film.

In 1899, aspiring young politician Mackenzie King (Dan Beirne) dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of Canada. To make it all the way to the top, he'll have to go through a lot.
NOW SHOWING on Virtual Cinema Detroit
--> NATIONTIME, a documentary account of the 1972 Black National Political Convention, starts Friday, October 23 on Virtual Cinema Detroit. In 1972, 10,000 Black politicians, activists, and artists convened in Gary, Indiana, to forge a national platform ahead of the Republican and Democratic national conventions. Director William Greaves made a 90-minute film of the proceedings that was never released — until now. Nationtime is a must-see for all who care about ending racism in this country once and for all.
Time to get HAPPY ---->
From marching with Martin Luther King, Jr. and helping to get the Civil Rights Act passed, to being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and continuing to speak truth to power and fight against injustices like voter suppression, U.S. Rep. John Lewis is still getting into plenty of GOOD TROUBLE. This new doc chronicles the life and times of one of the most respected public figures in the world.

Your ticket includes a pre-recorded discussion between Rep. Lewis and Oprah Winfrey, which Immediately follows the feature.
This was filmed in June 2020 and is available exclusively
for virtual cinema and in-theater engagements ONLY. 

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