It has been a teachable moment for our country.

The economic divide is real and one of the biggest barriers to combating this national epidemic and public health crisis. My district is on the frontlines, with people who have already been in “survivor mode” before the COVID-19 pandemic.

From reversing thousands of water and utility shutoffs, getting real relief for workers who keep getting left out of aid packages while corporations get bailouts, to simply raising money for Michigan’s food service workers and supporting local nonprofits buying diapers for infants, my team and I are focused on ensuring that the district’s needs come first. This means much of our work for field and grassroots campaigning has been shifted to direct services and advocacy.  

We are shifting our work to focus on:

  • Access to clean water for all

  • Fighting for preloaded $2,000 cash cards to everyone―no matter their work status―and recharging them with $1,000 per month until a year after the economy recovers

  • Expanding unemployment benefits and paid sick leave to cover everyone

  • Knocking down barriers for assistance including lack of health insurance

  • Protecting local governments and nonprofit organizations who can't fail right now

  • Supporting people experiencing homelessness and the frontline workers who serve them

This is why I need your partnership now more than ever. Corporate America may not have been ready for someone like me serving in Congress, but it is clear that our voices are critical in speaking up for poor people, working people, disabled people, undocumented people, seniors, and other marginalized communities.

Help me continue to fight for our communities even as our opponents gear up to oppose us. Pitch in $250 or more to my re-election campaign today.

Always serving you,


Rashida Tlaib for Congress
PO Box 32777